Brownian Commotion – a quick multiplayer browser game

Push the big sphere of your color onto the little spot of your color to win the game.

You need to have a Java plugin installed to play the game. You can download Java here:
If you are using a BSD or Linux operating system I recommend using IcedTea instead. Many distributions provide binary packages, e. g. in Ubuntu Linux issue the following command:
sudo aptitude install icedtea-6-plugin

Or download the stand-alone application

Brownian Motion is the random movement of a particle pushed around by air molecules. The explanation for this phenomenon is, of course, that air molecules play in different teams, pushing in different directions.

Every player controls a little particle. To push your particle into some direction, click at some point inside the Java applet lying in the desired direction. As soon as all connected players have clicked or 10 seconds have passed, all the particles move simultaneously as ordered. Then the next round begins. Your goal is to push the big sphere of your color to the little spot of your color. New players are automatically assigned to a team and start at their team's cross. If only few players are online or teams are unbalanced, AI players are automatically added.

The java source code is available under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License: browniancommotion.tar.gz.

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Written by Andreas Fackler ( LQARX at ). Most levels were designed by Stephan Barth.
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